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Lisa Marie Heart, a divorcee, mother and grandmother from Phoenix, Arizona, has done a lot of sexy things in her 60plus years.

She was a topless dancer for 15 of them. That started in her 30s, when she was waitressing at a strip club and noticed that the girls on-stage were having a lot more fun and making a lot more money.

She’s made men and women cum in their pants with her sexy lapdances and jerked off guys in the V.I.P. room.

“I’d always keep lube in my bag and slip my hand down their pants,” she said. “They usually came in one dance.”

She’s been an escort who has sucked and fucked more guys than she can count.

“They said, ‘You should do porn. You’re so good at it,'” Lisa Marie said.

And so she did. And so she’s doing this. For the first time, proving that you’re never too old to experience new things.

Here, she fucks a guy who’s 31, young enough to be her son. She shows off her impressive blow job and ball-sucking skills.

“When I give a blow job, it’s all about the dick,” she said. “I like to play with the balls. I like to engage all of me for the blow job.”

She engages all of herself for the blow job and gives up her tight pussy for the fucking. Then the lucky guy cums on her pretty face.

Lisa Marie is short ‘n’ stacked. She’s curvy. She’s sexy. And she’s here!


4 weeks ago

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