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“I’m going to teach you to make a woman feel good,” 61-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother Mia Magnusson says at the start of her first fuck video. “To make her hot and wet and ready for you. You’re not dealing with any little girl here. You’re dealing with a grown-up woman, and I’m going to teach you how to make love to a grown-up woman.”

She takes out her tits and rubs her nipples.

“You can’t hurry making love to a woman,” she says. “You have to caress a woman’s breasts, not grab and pull them,” she says, and we get nice closeups of exactly what she means. “We’re not playing grabsy in the back seat of a car.

“So, do you want some of this?”

Damn right we do, and so does the 26-year-old stud who’s waiting for her. Mia sits down and strokes her stud’s legs, and before long, she’s stroking a lot more than that.

“I want to feel your big, hard cock. I’m going to give you a blow job that’s going to make your toes curl, then you’re going to put your hard cock into my nice, wet pussy.”

He does that. And when he can’t hold back any longer he cums all over Mia’s face.

Listen up, gentlemen. Today, not only are you going to jack off to a sexy older woman; you’re gonna learn something, too.


2 weeks ago

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