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When this video opens, 62-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Caroline Hamsel is sitting at a desk, paging through a picture book. She’s wearing a white top, a short skirt and stockings. She has some kind of object in her hand. What is it? Well, we’re about to find out!

Caroline pulls her panties aside–she’s too horny to make time to take them off all the way–and rubs her shaved pussy. Then this sexy redhead from the United Kingdom reaches under and grabs her ass with one hand while her other strokes her clit. Then she grabs that object and sucks on it a bit. Hmmm…we’re starting to realize what that object is.

She slides it inside her asshole…it’s a butt plug!

And why is Caroline using a butt plug? To get her asshole ready for cock!

Then Tom shows up. He just walks on in and sees Caroline.

“Excuse me,” he says. “I have something for you.”

Caroline isn’t embarrassed. She doesn’t cover up. She thinks the thing he has for her is his cock. And you know what? She’s right.

She sure isn’t shy. She shows him her butt-plug-stuffed asshole. She rubs her pussy some more. She takes out his cock and sucks it. And fucks it. And takes it deep inside her butthole. And then he cums in her asshole.

Don’t you wish all mature women were like Caroline? Well, at, they are!


4 weeks ago

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